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How to make an Order:

  1. Purchase First
    You can first make the "purchase order" on the website first. Please make sure to fill out the form with all of your information.


  2. Payment
    Next, make the payment either in cash or check to "JLS Student Store" and drop off the check to Ms. McKinlay at the front office. As Ms. McKinlay accepts your payment, the PALS Leadership team will prepare your order.


  3. Ready for Pick-Up
    Once the payment has been approved, the PALS Leadership team will notify you that your order is ready for pick up! Pick up will be located at the Student Store Pick Up Station near the brunch line. (Please look for the sign)


If you have any questions, please ask our PALS leaders: Mrs. Lee, Saniya and Elene at palsleadership@gmail.com.
Thank you!