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Become More Gentle

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

By Elise Hu

Mr. Grierson, as we all know, our outstanding school principal. I was lucky to have a chance to interview him back in February. In this special time, his goal for this year was to get through this school year as successfully and happily as possible.

For being the school principal, Mr. Grierson loves getting to meet and work with many people. He is able to see so many students grow in time. He started off his career as a teacher and always enjoyed seeing students overcome a problem or discover their potentials. The Admin Team had daily meetings. They worked hard together and at times make some good sense of humor which keeps things light in stressful situations. Thank you, Admin Team for organizing everything. We really appreciate it!

Lastly, a message that Mr. Grierson would like to give us is don't always assume that somebody else isn't struggling. He hopes that we will all be a little more gentle with each other and maybe more graceful and more lenient with people in the future. Since we are online, we won't see the same amount of information that we would see comparing back. We don't always see someone's body language. We don't always notice if people are sad or upset the same way you would if you're in person. It's a wish of his maybe through this experience. That we will all become a little more careful.

I totally agree with what Mr. Grierson said. I believe we can all pull through this time. Mr. Grierson, we are all happy to have you as our school principal. Same goes out to the rest of the admin team, staff, and teachers. It was a great school year. Thank you all for your effort and hard work you did for our JLS school community!

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